Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm singing the National Anthem at the Cubs game this weekend!

OK. Technically, I'm singing the National Anthem with the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus at the Cubs game this weekend. But the title of this post certainly sounds more impressive the way I wrote it, no?

We're scheduled to sing at 12:05 CT this Saturday, September 22. The game will be broadcast on WGN. So get your tickets or set your TiVos or—better yet—whip up some hummus and green tea and set out some fancy napkins (beer, chips and paper towels will do in a pinch) and sit around the TV watching* us lead the Cubs to victory over the Pirates on Saturday! Go team!

* The first year we sang, Fox actually broadcast our performance. The next two years we were pre-empted by commercials for trucks or Snickers or something similarly patriotic. Since I don't have omnipotence over all sports media just yet, I can't promise we'll actually be broadcast again this year. But if we're not, you'll be out 10 minutes of your day, tops. Plus a few scoops of hummus.

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