Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy anniversary to my folks!

They married in 1964. It is now 2007. I just had to triple check the math—on a calculator, no less—because I’m still not convinced they’ve been married for 43 years. That number seems so … gargantuan.

I remember sitting in high-school gym class a couple (ahem) decades ago on my dad’s 45th birthday worrying that he was going to die. Because 45 was just so impossibly old.

And now he’s been married for almost 45 years. And I’m in my third paragraph of obsessing about it. I’ll stop now, trusting that you get the picture.

Mom and Dad have never been big on pomp and ceremony, though, which has made anniversary celebrations pretty easy for my sister and me to plan. And since my folks and my sister’s family are both moving in the next month and both their anniversaries, Father’s Day and my sister’s birthday are in the next few weeks (June is Drive Jake To Bankruptcy Month!), everyone’s getting Home Depot gift certificates. And maybe cheap cards from Walgreen’s if I find a moment to shop for them. I am nothing if not practical and unimaginative when it comes to gift-giving.

In any case, happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! I’m glad you’re both still here. I’m proud you’re both still married (to each other—not in the Republican presidential candidate definition of “still married”). I love you.

And please act surprised when you get your gift certificate.

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