Friday, June 15, 2007

Dear lady in the wispy skirt at my bus stop this morning,

I know that waiting for the bus can be boring and sometimes even frustrating. And since there is no bench or shelter at our stop, we can’t even lounge in the shade while we wait. But what was so compelling about knowing when the bus was coming this morning that you felt justified to stand in the street craning your neck while you waited for it?

We know that getting on that bus was important to you. Your audible sighs and incessant pacing around the intersection made your needs more than clear.

But what did standing in the middle of the street really buy you? Do you enjoy elevating the possibility of car-on-pedestrian accidents? Do you like watching cars swerve into each other to avoid hitting you? Do you like the sound of honking? Did you somehow make the bus come faster?

Does it make you feel extra-important knowing you’ll be the first person at your bus stop to know when the bus is coming?

P.S. That dress needs a slip. Everyone who gave you the evil eye this morning got a pretty good glimpse of your lady business in return.

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