Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm still here

I'm just doing the "here" thing in New York City until I wing my way back to Chicago at 6:00 am on Monday. And this vacation includes the boyfrined. It's our first trip together!

On our docket:
Grey Gardens
Spring Awakening
And some yet-to-be-determined show that should be longer than "Spring Awakening" just to complete the visual pattern.

Of course, we're totally playing box-office roulette here, so there are no guarantees of anything; the only tickets we've actually bought are for "Spring Awakening"—and only because the husband of an old friend of mine is one of the producers. Which means we have house seats, for those of you inclined to be all jealous of us.

The city of strangers is about to get two more show-tune queens. And we're coming to PLAY!

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