Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Carlotta is no longer still here

Yvonne de Carlo has died. And just a month short of the 35th anniversary Encores production of Follies.

The boyfriend and I are going to see it next month in New York, and we were kind of hoping to see the ghosts of some of the show’s original stars floating about the audience.

But in more immediate news, I just sent off the cashier’s check for the deposit on our new Two Bathroomed One Fireplaced Barbie Dream Condo. And in one week and two days, we will FINALLY be homeowners again. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Which means I can finally send out my epic four-page single-spaced holiday letter, which has been languishing in a pile in my bedroom until I was certain of my new address. I’m cheap enough that I don’t want to pay postage twice to disseminate holiday cheer and change-of-address announcements if I can help it.

I have better things to buy with my money. Like mortgage payments. And theater tickets. And black sable. And plush velvet. And pretzels. And beer.

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