Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Past. Present. Balconies.

So there are these two guys I briefly* dated in the past. One was three years ago. The other was when I was in college. Which was the late ’80s for those of you who haven’t memorized the chronology of my fascinating life.

*And by briefly I do mean BRIEFLY: a couple dinners, a couple hours of hanging out … and then fading away to the land of What Was That Guy’s Name Again? You know: just like all gay relationships.

And suddenly in the last week they’re back. Both of them.

The college guy now lives in New York City, down the hall from a guy I did some shows with in Iowa way back in the day. I email back and forth with the show guy about twice a year, and he sent me a message last week saying that he and the college guy got to playing Who Do We Know In Common and my name came up and now the college guy was coming to Chicago to run his first marathon in the Gay Games. (Got all that?) So the college guy and I have exchanged a few emails back and forth, but we never met when he was in town because he didn’t have any extra time. (But the fucker beat my second-marathon time on his first try.)

The three-years-ago guy was in my laundry room on Sunday. We walked past each other on my first trip (sorting, pre-treating and temperature selecting) and I totally recognized him, but for some reason my brain didn’t process WHY I recognized him. On the next trip (separating the drip dries from the tumble dries) he wasn’t there. But on the third trip (pulling out the don’t-dry-all-the-ways and cleaning the lint filters) there he was again. And it all came rushing back. He lives in my building now (he told me when he moved in last fall he hoped I was still here and he’d run into me) in one of the big awesome units with multiple bathrooms and room to store all your crap. And a balcony.

In any case, both guys have long-term boyfriends now (much longer-term than two dinners), so it’s been fun to reconnect with both of them without all the drama involved in wondering if our conversations are Going Somewhere.

Chances are low that I’ll see college guy in person anywhere in the near future, but three-years-ago guy and I are having drinks tonight after I run. And we’re having them on his balcony. Because even though we never became boyfriends, we can certainly be friends. Especially because he has a balcony.

And if you live someplace with a view and access to relaxing summer breezes, you can be my friend too! We don’t even have to date! Apply within! And please send pictures of your balcony!

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