Friday, July 14, 2006

A paean to Google

My dear friend Google,
You make my job so easy
When I don’t know squat.

Take this week’s project:
Writing six long articles
On stuff I’m dumb at.

Like decorating.
Seriously. I can’t match
Carpet and curtains.

What moron homo
Can’t match carpet and curtains?
Me. That’s what homo.

Anywho, I spent
My week researching colors
And furniture styles

And how to decide
When to hire a contractor
Or do it yourself.

And the stuff I wrote,
With your Google help of course,
Turned out pretty cool.

All for a client
Who now thinks I’m a genius.
And the best part is

This client’s web site
Goes live in the near future
So my work will be

Published on the web!
Imagine that! My writing
On the Internet.

Who would have ever
Thought that strangers far away
Could read my writing

At their computers?
It’s really remarkable.
It boggles the mind.

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