Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Check out this sweet condo floorplan:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It has everything I want: perfect location, two spacious bedrooms, my very own washer & dryer, funky round room that begs for dramatic decor, cute little Evita-waving balcony, giant have-the-friends-over-for-a-barbecue balcony—and all in a gut rehab of a grand old building. The only problem (at this writing) is that it's early pre-construction and there are still no prices set. So even though I have a good feeling about it, the damn thing could be too expensive for my budget.

I also had a good feeling about a stock tip 15 years ago, and today I'm the proud owner of a couple shares of Tyco, which are so worthless that the broker fees would just compound the financial loss I'd incur by selling them. So my good feelings don't always have the best track record. (On the plus side, I get an 8¢ dividend check from Tyco every quarter. They don't offer direct deposit, though, so I have to schlep to my nearest ATM to reap my financial rewards.)

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