Thursday, May 12, 2005

This is one of those posts

where I apologize for not posting anything for a while because I've been too busy at work/I've had nothing interesting to say/my butt caught on fire.

And it's just going to get worse: I leave for NYC at 6 am tomorrow and I won't be back until late on Sunday. And I have NO idea if there will be a computer with an Internet connection at my disposal while I'm there. Actually, I have no plans even to make the time to blog and/or check email. There are too many museums and too many show tunes to experience in the wee tiny amount of time I'll be tonya hearting the Big Apple.

So you'll have to find ways to entertain yourself while I'm gone.

Three suggestions:
1) Yoplait "Lemon Burst" yogurt with dried cherries in it. It's light, delicious, refreshing ... and just tart enough to make your nipples bleed.
2) David's new blog, which offers thoughtful, long-form essays on all kinds of interesting stuff. And which (and I have told him this REPEATEDLY) really should include some gratuitous shots of David with his shirt off. The man is damn hot.
3) The Daily Kitten and/or The Infinite Cat Project. Pussy galore!

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