Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 days with glasses

Zero days with headaches! Woo-hoo!

So I survived my first week back on the four-eyes stolen-lunch-money bus, and while getting my eyes used to seeing the world through what seemed like dirty water for a few days took some getting used to, I didn’t go home from work once with a headache last week. Which is five fewer headaches than I’ve brought home in weeks past.

And since my new goggles are only for reading and computer stuff—which happens primarily at work, where I don’t think I have ever had blog-worthy party pictures taken—I tried to take a self-portrait to show you-all what I look like in rimless glasses.

Unfortunately, ambient bathroom lighting + low-quality iPhone photo technology = barely-there rimless glasses in this otherwise award-worthy self-portrait:
See that shower curtain in the background? I hung it in early December when we finished the bathroom renovation. I’ve washed and dried it three times since then. So why does it still stubbornly hold onto the fold marks from its days in its store packaging?

Speaking of cheap shit, remember the little face-clinging disposable sunglasses I got when my eyes were dilated? (You should, because the pic of me sporting them has been the only thing on my blog for the last 15 days.)

They were too cute to throw away and too weird to actually wear in public. Fortunately, we have a prisoner in our home we’re not above embarrassing with cheap costume pieces. The poor guy has been forced to wear Santa hats all through Christmas season every year … and now he’s stuck wearing cheesy cheap (like Velveeta!) sunglasses until we get bored and release him from his misery. Or until the cheap glasses pop off and roll across the floor under the couch:


Todd X. said...

David looks great in those glasses. Michelangelo would approve.

JoyZeeBoy said...

They look good on you, Kitten. Make you look hot AND studious!

p.s. congrats on your new mayor.

dbb said...

The glasses look really great, but you look mad about something, or consternated.

but i like the scruffy face.

Anoymous, too said...

Your glasses look good. David's do too, but he looks like he's getting a headache from his. Maybe he needs an eye exam.

The shower curtain probably has polyester or nylon in it. Both tend to form semi-permanent wrinkles from pressure and/or heat -- or sitting in the packaging long enough. Try ironing the curtain, maybe with a wet towel between it and the iron. Keep the fabric flat on the ironing board until the spot you've just ironed cools before moving to the next spot.

Jacob Woods said...

Lol, I love the statue that is repping the glasses!!

Matthew said...

Great glasses! If they are primarily for reading and computers, are you able to see okay if you wear them for other things, or do you have bifocals where just the reading part is prescription? You should get a few pairs and keep them in places were you will need them.

Anna said...

Love the glasses! Fyi, you should check out zennioptical.com. They're an online company with supercheap, very awesome glasses. Then you can have reading glasses for every occasion!

Howard in CT said...

You are a stunning man, glasses or no glasses.

Will said...

Howard does make a good point. And David is definitely dance floor-ready.