Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sponsor my friends in the AIDS Marathon!

I’m running the Chicago Marathon again this year, but I’m not running it as part of the AIDS Marathon training program. After three years with the program, I wanted more control over my schedule and the way I trained. And so far I’m much happier running my own way, with my own team.

But it means I’m not raising money for the AIDS Foundation. And the AIDS Foundation needs money for the cool things it does. Like working to stop new HIV infections through prevention programs. And improving the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS by providing vital services like medical care, food and housing. And keeping people with HIV/AIDS alive until the day there’s a cure.

Fortunately, I have a lot of friends who are running the AIDS Marathon this year. And here’s your chance to sponsor them! You-all have helped me raise almost $10,000 in the three years I’ve run the AIDS Marathon, so it should be fun and easy for you to help my friends too.

Since you don’t know them and I don’t know you, I’ve made the whole process effortless for everyone; I’ve alphabetized my friends by first name and divided my readers by birth month and paired you-all up through my magical powers of organization.

If your birthday is January through April:
Sponsor Adam. It’s his first marathon ever. I know Adam from the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus (actually, I know all three guys here from the chorus) and Adam has such a beautiful voice that I couldn’t bring myself to hate him when he auditioned for the role I wanted in our last show. And when neither of us got the role, I forgave him anyway.

If your birthday is May through August:
Sponsor Dan. He ran the Honolulu Marathon last year with the AIDS Foundation, and this is his first Chicago Marathon. Dan and I are both tall basses, so we spend all our rehearsals sitting next to each other in the back row, making fun of all those stupid short basses who think they’re so cool because they’re always in front.

If your birthday is September through December:
Sponsor Nick. This is his first marathon as well. Nick has strikingly blue eyes and a beautiful, clear voice. But he never seems to audition for the solos I want so I could never hate him. He also goes to my gym (well, one of my gyms), and we often compare notes on the other gym members. I mean on our workout and marathon training strategies.

When you make your sponsorships, you’ll notice the AIDS Marathon site has undergone vast improvements since last year. So it’s totally way more fun this year to click-n-sponsor one of the guys above. Please do!

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