Friday, December 19, 2008

The worrying is over

My new personal trainer is a sadistic bastard. And he doesn't work just one body part at a time. No! He concocts these newfangled combination exercises that burn my quads and make my delts explode like Bill O'Reilly's head at a science convention.

And he seems like such a nice boy.

At this writing, it's been a full hour since he finished kicking my ass and taking my milk money, and I'm still not sure I'm gonna be able to keep my post-workout protein shake in my tummy. Or write a blog post that doesn't drone on and on about how hard my workout was.

But you take your chances when you read a blog. Some posts are self-indulgent and some posts are self-indulgent and boring. Come back tomorrow and I'll try to hit the blogging trifecta: self-indulgent, boring and narcissistic.

In the mean time, I have to go sit in the corner and rock myself to the gentle rhythms of the personal trainer's haiku:

Feel the burn. Feel it!
Now give me ten more. Or I'll
Make fun of your shoes.

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