Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I have pride!

Well, technically I just have pictures from pride weekend. But we'll call it pride anyway.

Here are all of us from AIDS Marathons present and past who decided to wear our AIDS Marathon shirts to the Proud to Run 5K/10K on Saturday morning, even though nobody looks good in yellow:

And here's our intrepid cheering/holding-our-stuff-while-we-run section:

And here are the boys from last year's AIDS Marathon pace group -- back when people actually went to brunch after running and got to know each other and kept in touch, unlike this year's not-very-social crop of runners:

After Proud to Run, we hosted Proud to Brunch at our house ... which was soon wafting with an effluvium of baked egg casseroles, fresh flowers and sweaty runners. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the dresser where I usually hide it while I was busy making eggs and refilling mimosas and stuffing delicious, sugary doughnuts down my throat. So I can share only the pictures I stole from Marc's Facebook page. Here's Marc and me in our dining room. We are smiling because we are very near a table full of food:

Here's Marc with the domestic partner and one of our two token females. I don't speak female, so I have no idea what weird exotic female thing she's doing in this picture, but it's obviously making the domestic partner laugh. And there's nothing better than the sound of his laughter:

Here's Brad and me on our back porch. You can barely see our new bench at the bottom of the picture. Please admire it for its transformative powers; without that bench our porch is just a brick wall and a wooden floor. With the bench, our porch is a brick wall, a wooden floor and a bench. Drop on by and sit on our bench with us sometime. We still have plenty of champagne to share:

Here are Matt and George demonstrating how to enjoy the bench in proper fashion. Food and beverages are optional, but testing has proven that refreshments help raise the bench enjoyment factor (sometimes called a "benchmark") by a number of percentage points:

Here's more of the porch furniture being enjoyed by more of our friends. Note the Asian-inspired lamp on the table. You'll be seeing more of those as you scroll down:

If you have any handsome-gay-brother fantasies, look no further than our back porch. If you have Asian-inspired-lamps-hanging-from-the-beams fantasies, you will be in pig heaven at our house; while we have only one set of handsome gay brothers (and only when they both show up at the same party), we have three hanging Asian-inspired lamps, only two of which are pictured here:

I have no pictures from the parade or the parade-day parties. Just use your imagination and picture a bunch of gay people squinting in the sun (or dripping in the rain) and holding some kind of beverage.

On Monday night, after my first day in our ultra-plush, space-needle-like new downtown office, I met a bunch of friends at El Mariachi for Shaine's birthday. Here I am drinking my first alcoholic beverage of the weekend as a raven-haired chiquita dances in celebration behind me:

And here is our whole party, filled to the point of discomfort with liquor and carbs and complimentary birthday flan. Shaine is the rapidly aging one in the white shirt. Doesn't he look old?

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