Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Not dead.

Just very, very busy. The new job is requiring lots of my time and attention, and I haven't yet determined whether or not it's cool to do things like blog and shop for mail-order brides on my work computer. So I have to do those things when I'm at home. Which hasn't been starting until after 9 pm, when I'd rather be eating or snuggling on the couch with the boyfriend.

But the job is great, the people are nice and talented and extremely passionate about their work, and even though I'm in a cube, I have a nice view of the bathroom.

My joints are mostly recovered from the marathon, but the extremely cold weather and any other factors I can pin blame on made me run 30 minutes slower than last year's time—which, though not the end of the world, was nevertheless frustrating and slightly wounding to my machismo. The official photos aren't yet ready for purchase, but I'll post a full report complete with visual aids and whimpering self-pity in the near future.

In the mean time: SLEEP.

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