Saturday, February 04, 2006

Rules to live by

When you meet an articulate, charming, well-muscled fellow at a party and his eyes keep catching yours and you both find every reason in the book to accidentally brush against each other for three hours and you give him your number and he calls you the next morning to tell you it was great meeting you and ... um ... would you like to go on a date sometime, try not to giggle like a drunken schoolgirl.

When you're cooking a nice little dinner for two, don't wear your store-brand teeth-whitening strips as you're mixing and baking a delicious double-chocolate dessert. You're gonna want to lick the beaters.

Also, don't use your mini Bundt pan for the first time ever when you're baking something for someone besides yourself. There could not be a bigger guarantee that your little chocolate cakelets will come out looking like scrap metal.

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