Friday, July 25, 2003

Dear Newsweek,

Newsweek wouldn't print my letter -- though it printed some far-less-articulate responses to its coverage of the Supreme Court's sodomy ruling last month.

Anyway, I'm posting my expertly crafted angry-homo letter here in a revenge-of-the-unpublished attempt to justify the time I spent on it. Please enjoy.

* * *

Lou Sheldon doesn't believe the followers of Christian mythology deserve to have their faith "trampled" by the dawning social equality of gay people. But what hierarchy places the chosen beliefs of the religious (and religious affiliation is arguably more a choice than sexual orientation) over the legitimate rights of gay people not to have patently demeaning laws enacted against them?

These social conservatives' vitriolic fascination with "homosexual activity" stands in stark contrast to their lack of similar outrage over the destructive (and exclusive) byproducts of heterosexual activity: teen pregnancy, single-parent families, soaring divorce rates, overpopulation, and an unquenchable demand for abortion that polarizes our nation and diverts congressional resources—and tax dollars—from legitimate public interests like education, health care and the economy.

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